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Captain Stan

Captain Stan

Who are we?

Rhode Island has a long history connected with boating and famous boat builders. Living there means you are never very far from the shoreline, boats, or shipyards. I became intrigued with the ocean and boats as a young lad and had the opportunity to work on boats from the bottom up, literally, starting with many lofty positions such as, bottom scraper and sander, and, bilge cleaner. As my skills grew, and, being handy, a decent sailor, and a good navigator, I received many invitations to crew on a wide variety of vessels.

Eventually I was able to go through the process, having enough sea time, to obtain my Masters 100 Ton license with sailing and towing endorsements. Through chartering on my own, crewing and captaining on other boats, I enjoyed cruising the shores of New England, the US eastern and western coastlines, and throughout the Caribbean. I have cruised extensively on Lake Champlain and for a few years I enjoyed captaining a small, eight cabin, international passenger cruise boat cruising on Lake Champlain and on the St. Lawrence River up to Montreal and down to Quebec City.

Captain Stan and Moonlight Lady

Captain Stan on the Moonlight Lady

As an Independent Marine Surveyor I recognized early on that the industry was changing with newer technologies and equipment and would require continuing education. This need has become recognized by many financial institutions and insurance companies. Therefore, I attended the Chapman School of Seamanship where I took their Yacht and Small Craft Surveying and then later their Damage and Claims courses. Upon completion I requested acceptance to SAMS® (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyor®). Passing their vetting process and exam I was accepted to SAMS® as an SA (Survey Associate). After three and a half years, due to my experience, I was permitted to sit for their rigorous AMS® (Accredited Marine Surveyor®) exam, which I passed and became an Accredited Marine Surveyor®.

SAMS® is an international association of Marine Surveyors. In SAMS®’ own words:
“SAMS® is intended to be an organization of Professional Marine Surveyors who have come together to promote the good image and general well-being of their chosen profession. Accredited Marine Surveyor® members are surveyors who have accumulated time in the profession and have proven the technical skills necessary for designation as AMS®... Accredited Marine Surveyors® are expected to follow a course of continuing education to maintain their accreditation. Members are guided by a code of ethics and are encouraged to participate in other organizations relative to the marine field.”

Captain Stan and his Lake Trout

Captain Stan with an early season Lake Trout

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